Resources Forum

Resources Forum is for aspiring or established entrepreneurs and professionals working in the cocoa and chocolate industries, in any aspect. Events take different forms and cover different topics, depending upon participant needs and interests. For example, we might host a training, offer a workshop, or organize a panel of speakers on a topic of importance to our members.

Cost: Varies; see event listings
We are committed to making Resources Forum events as accessible and affordable as possible to entrepreneurs and small business owners.
We are actively seeking sponsors to support continued access.

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Mint Club
Meridian Apartments
Alema Ave, Airport Residential, Accra

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2020 Resources Forum Events

February 26: Come meet CocoaTown, craft chocolate machinery experts, with founders Ms. Andal Balu &
Dr. Balu M. Balasubramanian.
No cost, this is a free event.
Enter a raffle to win a CocoaTown melangeur!
View event flyer for more details.

Discussion among chocolate entrepreneurs at Branding for Success workshop

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2019 Resources Forum Events
December 4: Industry dialogue panel

October 2: Branding for Success
workshop led by Dr. Kristy Leissle