Our Story

CIG is an independent, not-for-profit organization based in Accra. In a spirit of transparency and communication, honesty and integrity, transformation and growth, innovation and cooperation, CIG’s vision is to fill the gap in education and business development resources for cocoa and chocolate entrepreneurs.

Cocoa is a crucial commodity for Ghana’s national economy, and for the livelihoods of the estimated 800,000+ smallholders who farm it here. Yet the potential remains for Ghana to add value to more than 60% of its cocoa crop, and to keep value added products in the country for domestic consumption, enjoyment, and profit. Emerging professionals are undertaking this value addition, and they seek to continually build their skill sets and grow their businesses.

As our tagline, “Promoting lifelong learning and innovation,” suggests, CIG exists to inspire and support cocoa and chocolate entrepreneurship over the long term, and to contribute to the dynamism and value added growth of the cocoa sector.

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