Discover Chocolate

Photo by Bright Dziwornu

Discover Chocolate is a four-class series for chocolate enthusiasts and industry professionals who are interested in chocolate education and connoisseurship. The full Discover Chocolate series is offered twice per year, usually January-March and October-December. Classes are designed to be taken individually, or you can register for the whole series.

Price per class: GH₵65
Location: Google maps
Watermelon Studio, Mint Club
Meridian Apartments
Alema Ave, Airport Residential, Accra
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101: Chocolate Explained
Instructor: Dr. Kristy Leissle
Learn the history of chocolate and how it has been made and consumed, from the ancient Olmec civilization in Mesoamerica through the most recent industry innovations. Explore each step of the chocolate making process today, with a special focus on roasting. Tastings include: white, milk, dark, and ruby.

201: Single Origin Flavors
Instructor: Dr. Kristy Leissle
Did you know that cocoa that grows in Ghana tastes different to cocoa from Madagascar … or Ecuador, or Tanzania? Each cocoa variety and growing context imparts a unique flavor to the beans. Explore these flavors in single origin chocolates, which are made using beans from just one country–or just one variety of cocoa. Tastings include: dark chocolates from various cocoa origin countries.

301: Made in Ghana
Instructor: Dr. Kristy Leissle
Ghana is the world’s second largest cocoa producer, and is renowned for the high quality and flavor consistency of its beans. In recent years, a dazzling array of entrepreneurs have been adding value to the country’s cocoa to create chocolate bars, confections, and innovative creations. Learn the history and economics of Ghana’s cocoa industry. Then, taste your way through Made in Ghana cocoa products. Tastings include: milk, dark, and inclusion chocolate bars, confections, and more.

401: How It’s Made

Instructor: Ghana-based chocolate entrepreneur (various)
Learn what it takes to make small-batch, bean to bar chocolate and/or confections in Ghana from a local entrepreneur. This is not a training course, but instead an opportunity to hear from a local entrepreneur about her chocolate and confectionery process. You will learn different methods of chocolate and confectionery creation, including live demonstrations and, of course, tastings. Tastings vary depending upon instructor.

Upcoming classes
Tuesday, October 1, 11am-12pm

101: Chocolate Explained

Tuesday, October 8, 11am-12pm
201: Single Origin Flavors

Tuesday, October 29, 11am-12pm
301: Made in Ghana

Tuesday, November 5, 11am-12pm
401: How It’s Made (New class!)
Instructor: Souad Mohsen, Maison Kwame

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photo by Bright Dziwornu